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Gold is a timeless and very rare metal that is extremely durable and will not rust or tarnish. It can be melted into any kind of shape and can be alloyed with many other metals to become stronger and create a variety of different colors. The most popular colors other than yellow are rose and white.


The content of gold is measured in karats, and not in carats, which is used to measure the weight of diamonds. As the K number increases, so does the gold content and price. Karats represent how many parts, by weight, pure gold is present in the 24 parts of the alloy. Below is the range of gold content:

10k = 10/24 = 41.7% pure gold

14k = 14/24 = 58.3% pure gold

18k = 18/24 = 75.0% pure gold

24k = 24/24 = 100% pure gold

Regarding the decision of which karat to select, it is a matter of personal taste. 14k gold is stronger than 18k, however 18k has a higher gold content and a richer yellow color.


As any piece of high-end jewelry, proper care is necessary to maintain the beauty of your gold. Always remove jewelry during physically arduous activities. Clean your gold with a mild solution of soap and water and gently scrub it with a soft-bristled brush. Store and/or pack your jewelry separately in a fabric-lined case or box in order to avoid scratching or damaging your gold. Periodically check diamond settings for damage and take the setting to a professional if there happens to be a loose prong.


Gold is extremely rare. It is estimated that all the gold that can be mined would fit under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Additionally, it takes a few tons of ore to produce only one ounce of gold. Gold has a beautiful, warm golden color that can be mixed with many other metals to produce an array of other beautiful colors. As an example, mixing copper with gold creates rose gold, mixing gold with silver creates green gold, and mixing gold with palladium creates white gold. Gold is exceptionally durable. The sheer number of ancient gold artifacts and jewelry that we have today attest to the strength and permanence of its beauty. Pure gold is quite soft, yet when combined with other metals, it takes on indestructible characteristics. Gold is pure, and because of this, it is resistant to the air, heat, moisture, and therefore does not tarnish. It is also very malleable and easy to work with as it can be melted into any kind of design. These combined characteristics have made gold a tremendously valuable commodity.